April 16, 2024

Making Her Price: The ‘Why’ of Frankie Price

Making Her Price: The ‘Why’ of Frankie Price

In the quiet moments before the arena swells with cheers, Frankie Price steadies her breath. Clad in the cardinal and white of the Arkansas Razorbacks, she’s the picture of poise and focus. To the world, she’s an elite gymnast, muscles primed for the rigors of competition. Yet to those who know her story, Frankie is much more—she’s a living testament to resilience, a daughter carving her path with an unwavering ‘Why’ etched deep in her heart.

When asked about her ‘Why’ in life, Frankie’s answer resonates with a profound simplicity and a depth of emotion that only true personal trials can forge. “For me,” she begins, her voice steady, but tinged with the weight of memory, “I lost my dad when I was younger. So most of my life, I have been just really pounding on the fact that I’m living up to my last name.”

There’s a sacred silence as she reflects, her gaze shifting momentarily to a place of introspection. “And I really want to make a legacy for myself along with my last name.”

In the world of sports, legacies are often spoken of in terms of records, victories, and medals. But for Frankie, legacy is something far more personal. It’s about honor and remembrance, about the intersection of past and future—a tribute to a hero lost but never forgotten.

So I’m just,” she pauses, collecting her thoughts with the poise she so often displays on the beam, “my dad was my biggest hero in life. So I compete for him. I live for him.

In every flip, every twist, and every perfect landing, Frankie Price carries the spirit of ,Christopher Price, her father. Her performance is a dialogue beyond words—a daughter’s silent conversation with her guiding star. “Everything,” she says, the conviction in her voice rising like the crescendo of a perfect routine, “he’s always in the back of my head.”

Her ‘Why’ is a mosaic of love, loss, and the relentless pursuit of excellence—a dynamic force that propels her not only across the gymnastics floor but through the very fabric of life. “But yeah, living up to my last name is my why.

On the mat, Frankie Price is a gymnast. But in her heart, she’s a guardian of a legacy, a memory in motion, a story of unyielding strength. And as she soars through the air, twist by twist, leap by leap, she isn’t just chasing points or pursuing titles. Frankie Price, is honoring a promise, a sacred pact with her hero, ensuring that the name ‘Price’—their name—echoes with dignity and pride long after the crowds have dispersed and the lights have dimmed.

This is her ‘Why’ This is her legacy. She is proving daily that she is in fact, worth the PRICE.

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