April 16, 2024

Frankie is Worth The ‘Price’: A Spotlight on Arkansas Gymnastics’ Shining Star

Frankie is Worth The ‘Price’: A Spotlight on Arkansas Gymnastics’ Shining Star

In the world of Arkansas Gymnastics, a constellation of stars brightens the mats, but one Gymback’s luster has a particular gleam that captures the attention of fans and judges alike. Among the high-energy routines of the floor rotation— a spectacle of music, dance, and acrobatic prowess—one sophomore has consistently proven that she’s worth every penny of admission. Frankie Price isn’t just a name; it’s a banner that heralds an exceptional talent in collegiate gymnastics.

As we delve into the personal records, the journey in Fayetteville, and the standout performances of 2024, it’s clear that Frankie Price is not just a rising talent; she’s a force majeure in NCAA gymnastics.

Personal Bests

– VT: 9.900 (3x), most recently at the SEC Championships on March 18, 2023

– FX: 9.975 at Kentucky, on February 17, 2023

Freshman Season (2022)

Price didn’t compete in the 2022 season, but her presence was already anticipated given her high-level competitive experience, including qualifications for the Junior Olympic Nationals and the Nastia Liukin Cup before joining the Razorbacks.

Redshirt Freshman Season (2023)

Price’s impact was felt immediately, featuring in every one of Arkansas’ vault and floor lineups across 12 meets. She didn’t just participate; she dominated, clinching the regional floor title at the Norman Regional on March 30—a first for Arkansas since 2018. Her prowess on the vault earned her All-SEC and All-SEC Freshman honors, and she repeatedly hit new personal bests, peaking with a 9.900 score at Auburn. She wasn’t a one-event wonder either, as her floor exercises drew scores of 9.850+ on seven occasions.

Her career-high 9.975 on the floor at Kentucky didn’t just earn her first place; it tied the program record, a feat only three Gymbacks have ever achieved. Price’s performance on March 30, with a 9.950 on the floor, matched the best-ever score by an Arkansas gymnast in regional history.

Price Being Paid In 2024

In a standout performance against Georgia, Price dazzled, notching scores of 9.95 on the floor, a testament to her technical proficiency and artistic flair. Her recent meet against Alabama saw her earning a 9.850, a score that would be the envy of many but for Price is just another day at the office.

Frankie Price’s ascent in Arkansas gymnastics is not just a boon for the team but a thrilling development for the sport. Her routines are a blend of precision, grace, and sheer athletic ability that seems to defy gravity and expectation in equal measure. As the Gymbacks continue their season, one thing is abundantly clear: Frankie Price is not just living up to her name—she is setting the bar, and it’s a Price worth paying to see.

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