April 16, 2024

Jordon Hankins Talks AutoZone Liberty Bowl, A Surprising Promotion, and More!

Photo Credits - Memphis Media Dept

Jordan HankinsTalks Autozone Liberty Bowl, A Surprising Promotion, and More!

Photo Credits – Memphis Media Dept

The promotion of Jordon Hankins to interim Defensive Coordinator for the Memphis Tigers was a major topic of discussion during Tuesday’s press conference for the Autozone Liberty Bowl. The departure of former coordinator Matt Barnes, who recently accepted a position with Mississippi State, surprised many. Nonetheless, Hankins took the opportunity gracefully and humbly, expressing his enthusiasm for the challenge.

I view this as a great opportunity and a stepping stone towards bigger things,” Hankins said. “But for now, my attention is on the players and the game ahead.”

Hankins’ statement reveals his dedication to his team and his commitment to the game. As a coach, he is less interested in the spotlight and more focused on promoting his team’s success. He is a leader who prioritizes the needs of his players above all else, highlighting his character and dedication to the sport.

The Challenge of Facing Iowa State’s Offense

Hankins also acknowledged the strength of Iowa State‘s offense, a unit that has proven to be a formidable opponent throughout the season. He praised the Cyclones for their ability to place their players in a position to succeed, demonstrating an understanding of his defense’s challenges in the upcoming game.

The Cyclones have multiple looks with their talent that can pose a challenge,” Hankins commented. He continued, “They do a great job of putting their talented players in great positions to be successful.”

Photo Credits – Memphis Media Dept

Despite recognizing the challenges ahead, Hankins exuded a confident demeanor, expressing his belief that the Tigers are prepared for the upcoming game. He emphasized that the team is eager to face the Cyclones head-on and that they are ready to give it their all.

“We’re ready to lace them up and go play a great Iowa State team,” Hankins affirmed.

Looking Forward to the Autozone Liberty Bowl

The Autozone Liberty Bowl promises to be a thrilling event. The game will undoubtedly be a dynamic battle with Jordon Hankins at the helm of the Tigers’ defense. As the new interim Defensive Coordinator, Hankins has set a strong, confident tone for his team, inspiring them to rise above the challenges ahead. 

Photo Credits – Memphis Media Dept

Despite the pressure of facing a strong opponent and assuming a new role, Hankins focused on his players and the game, a true mark of a dedicated and effective leader. The Autozone Liberty Bowl is on the horizon, and under Hankins’ guidance, the Tigers are ready to roar.

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