July 15, 2024

Tiger Softball Falls to Penn State, 10-0, to Close Out JU/UNF Invitational    

After splitting day two of the JU/UNF Invitational, Memphis would have one final opponent in Pen State. The Tigers would fall to the Nittany Lions 10-0 in five innings. While the final score was not close, there are some bright spots from the weekend for this program. Let’s briefly look at the game against Penn State and then what is next for this team.  

Penn State  

As mentioned above, the final score was 10-0 at Penn State. While this is not the finish, anyone wanted to let’s dissect this game somewhat more profoundly than the final score. Memphis would start Hallie Siems in the final game of the weekend. Siems would finish the game by giving up four hits, six runs, four walks, and two strikeouts in 2.1 innings. Siems would face 17 batters and throw 67 pitches today in the loss.

Memphis would go to the bullpen and bring in Rylee Dugar, who would pitch 1.2 innings and allowing three hits, four runs, three walks, and throw 39 pitches. Memphis would have one hit on the day off Penn State starter Kylee Lingenfelter, and it would come from Kendall Lee in the top of the fifth inning.  

Memphis competed well over the weekend in more ways than only scores. The Tigers would get their second win of the season over the weekend and will look to improve as each game comes. With a long season, the Tigers will be looking to move past this loss. What is next? When do the Tigers play again? Let’s find out.  

What is Next? 

Memphis will travel to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to compete in the Frost Classic. This classic will take place from February 24th-26th. The Tiger’s opponents will be Eastern Illinois, Akron, Western Michigan, UNLV, and Chattanooga.  

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