April 16, 2024

SMU Mustangs Gallop to Victory: AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco Celebrates Triumph

SMU Mustangs Gallop to Victory: AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco Celebrates Triumph

American Athletic Conference (AAC) Commissioner Mike Aresco couldn’t have been prouder as he issued a statement celebrating the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Mustangs’ victory in the AAC Championship game. In a thrilling 26-14 win against the 17th-ranked Tulane, the Mustangs clinched their first conference championship since their 1984 achievement in the Southwest Conference.

Commending the Mustangs and their coach, Rhett Lashlee, for their outstanding performance this season, Aresco emphasized the significance of this victory, saying, “I want to congratulate the SMU Mustangs and Coach Rhett Lashlee on an outstanding season, highlighted by a win against a formidable Tulane team this afternoon in our championship game.

The Mustangs’ victory marks a significant moment for the team, placing them in the illustrious list of American Athletic Conference champions who have proven their mettle and earned their spot in a New Year’s Six bowl bid.

SMU’s path to this victory was far from easy, facing formidable opponents in nonconference games, including tough road games against Oklahoma and TCU. However, their resilience and determination saw them through, and they finished the season with an impressive 11 wins.

The triumph over a ranked Tulane team on the road to win the American Championship further solidifies the Mustangs’ standing as one of the top teams in the nation. It is a testament to their hard work, and commitment, and a mark of their undeniable worthiness of a New Year’s Six bid.

Aresco’s statement further underscored the Mustangs’ achievement, “to challenge themselves as they did in non-conference games, playing competitive games on the road against Oklahoma and TCU, and to finish with 11 wins, and beating a ranked team on the road to win the American Championship, shows that the Mustangs are undoubtedly one of the top teams in the nation and deserving of a New Year’s Six bid.”

With their remarkable victory, the SMU Mustangs have not only written a new chapter in their history but also made a compelling case for their inclusion in the New Year’s Six Bowl. Their journey this season has been an inspiring narrative of resilience, determination, and exceptional skill, setting new benchmarks in American Athletic Conference history. 

As the sports world awaits the selection committee’s decision on the New Year’s Six, the Mustangs have made a strong case for their inclusion. With the backing of Commissioner Aresco and the undeniable evidence on the field, the Mustangs have undoubtedly earned their place among the nation’s elite.

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