April 20, 2024

Naturals And Travelers Meet Again. What History Do These Teams Have With Eachother?

With the Arkansas Travelers coming to town starting on July 4th, we thought we would analyze the series between these two teams. We looked at this from an all-time and season perspective.

In the annals of baseball, the rivalry between the Naturals and the Travelers has always been one to watch. The historical stats provide a fascinating insight into the ebb and flow of this enduring competition. Overall, the Naturals hold a slight edge, with a record of 207-194 (.516) against the Travelers. 

When it comes to the home-ground advantage, the Naturals have been dominant in Springdale, boasting a solid 114-77 (.597) win-loss record. However, their record in Little Rock tells a different story, with a tally of 93-117 (.442) indicating a less favorable outcome on the Travelers’ turf.

The 2023 season, unfortunately, has not started favorably for the Naturals. They have yet to register a win against the Travelers, currently standing 0-6 in the season series. The contests in Little Rock have been particularly challenging, with the Naturals’ record in the Travelers’ home city reflecting the same 0-6 scoreline. The Naturals have not yet had a chance to host the Travelers in Springdale this season.

Looking back at the individual game results for 2023, the Naturals have been on the wrong side of some tightly contested matchups. 

On May 9, an 8-4 defeat saw Kuhn (2-0) outpitch Wallace (0-3). The following day, a 6-3 loss had Tyler (1-1) besting Marsh (2-1), with Adcock securing his first save. 

May 11 witnessed a 9-3 defeat, with Woo (1-1) getting the better of Bowlan (0-2). The Naturals came tantalizingly close on May 12 in a 10-inning thriller, but ultimately succumbed 4-3, with Campbell (1-0) outdueling Klein (0-1).

On May 13, the Naturals fell 3-1, with Hancock (4-1) besting Way (0-3), and Adcock earning his second save of the series. The series wrapped up on May 14 with another heartbreaker, a 4-3 loss, with Campbell (2-0) once again getting the better of Klein (0-2).

While the 2023 season may not have started as the Naturals hoped, there’s still plenty of baseball left to play. The team will undoubtedly be looking to turn their fortunes around, particularly when they get to host the Travelers in Springdale, where they have historically performed well. As the season progresses, this rivalry promises to deliver more exciting and closely fought contests.

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