April 13, 2024

Memphis Baseball Fall Ball: Putting the Pieces Together

Photo Credits - Memphis Baseball Twitter {@Memphisbaseball}

Memphis Baseball Fall Ball: Putting the Pieces Together

Under Coach Matt Riser‘s new leadership, Memphis Baseball sets the stage for a promising 2023 season. With a revamped staff and roster, the Tigers took on Little Rock in an initial fall ball series, providing fans and critics a glimpse of what’s to come. Let’s break down how the Tigers fared in this two-game series.

Photo Credits – Memphis Baseball Twitter {@Memphisbaseball}

Game 1: Pitching and Precision Lead Memphis to Victory 

The Tigers showcased their formidable pitching lineup in the series’ first game. David Warren, a formidable force on the mound for Memphis, delivered an impressive performance.  With only two innings pitched, he allowed a mere hit and struck out one of the seven batters he faced. Jackson Lyons, not to be outdone, closed it out for Memphis, allowing only one hit in his one inning of work.

Offensively, the Tigers held their own. Daunte Stuart‘s sacrifice fly brought in Austin Baskin, putting Memphis up by one in the second inning. Will Marcy hit a two-out triple, driving in Alex Fernandes and reclaiming the lead for the Tigers in the sixth inning.  Jonah Sutton‘s single up the middle brought Marcy home, reinforcing Memphis’s lead. With a final score of 3-1, the Tigers secured a solid victory over Little Rock. Logan Rushing would get the win for Memphis in game one. 

Photo Credits – Memphis Baseball Twitter {@Memphisbaseball}

Game 2: Little Rock Strikes Back 

In the second game, the pace started slow, with no score after two innings. Little Rock took an early lead in the third, but Memphis quickly responded with a run in the bottom of the same inning to make the score 3-1.

In a thrilling play, Ryan Hunter stole second base and managed to score on an errant throw into the center field, tightening the score gap to 3-2 in the fifth inning. Unfortunately for the Tigers, Little Rock took advantage of the sixth inning, scoring two runs and sealing their victory with a final score of 5-2. Seth Garner would take the loss in game two for Memphis. 

Photo Credits – Memphis Baseball Twitter {@Memphisbaseball}

Fall Ball Takeaways

This two-game series highlighted the early fruits of Coach Riser’s efforts to revamp the Memphis baseball program. Although the Tigers split the fall ball series, promising signs indicate a potentially strong 2023 season.

The team’s pitching prowess was on full display, with Warren and Lyons showing impressive control and command on the mound. Offensively, the Tigers proved they could capitalize on critical moments, with Stuart, Marcy, and Sutton all contributing to the scoring.

Despite the Game 2 loss, the Tigers showed resilience and determination. Ryan Hunter’s bold base-stealing move demonstrated the team’s willingness to take risks and press the advantage.

Memphis will travel to Ole Miss on October 29th to take on the Rebels in their final fall ball game. 


As the Memphis Tigers continue their preparations for the upcoming season, fans and critics alike will be keen to see how Coach Riser’s leadership transforms the team’s performance. If their fall ball performance is any indication, the Tigers may be a team to watch in 2023.

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