July 18, 2024

Memphis Baseball: A Glimpse into the Opening Series Stats

Memphis Baseball: A Glimpse into the Opening Series

After an exciting opening series for Memphis baseball, it’s time to break down the performances that have set the pace for the season ahead. It’s essential to look at both the team and player perspectives to get a full grasp of where the team stands.

Photo Credits – Memphis Baseball Twitter {@Memphisbaseball}

Team Performance: A Mixed Bag

The team’s batting average stands at .238, which is an area that could use improvement. Despite this, the team has shown patience at the plate, drawing 18 walks and being hit by a pitch five times, contributing to a respectable on-base percentage (OB%) of .359. Strikeouts, however, have been an issue, with the team being sent back to the dugout 36 times on strikes.

Memphis has been somewhat aggressive on the bases, with five steal attempts and successfully swiping three bags. While the steal attempts are low, a 60% success rate is a positive takeaway.

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The power numbers are more encouraging, with a slugging percentage of .459, helped by 7 doubles, a triple, and 6 home runs. These extra-base hits have played a significant role in the team’s 20 RBIs and 21 runs scored in the series.

Defensively, Memphis has been solid with a .977 fielding percentage, backed by 93 putouts and 34 assists. Only three errors were committed, which is a good sign of the team’s defensive capabilities early in the season.

On the Mound: Room for Improvement

The pitching staff has faced some challenges with an ERA of 6.39 and a 1-2 record. In 31 innings pitched, the staff has given up 33 hits, 23 runs (22 earned), while walking 21 batters. Strikeouts have not been an issue, with 31 batters retired in this fashion. The number of extra-base hits allowed is a concern, with 5 doubles, 2 triples, and 5 home runs. A batting average against of .275 indicates the opposition has had some success at the plate, which Memphis pitchers will look to tighten up in future games.

Player Spotlights: Standouts at the Plate and on the Mound

Austin Baskin leads the charge with a .308 batting average, which is a bright spot for Memphis. Hits are evenly spread among key players like Baskin, Pierre Seals, Daunte Stuart, Jacob Compton, and Alex Fernandez, with each notching 4 hits in the series.

Photo Credits – Memphis Baseball Twitter {@Memphisbaseball}

Jacob Compton has showcased his power with 2 home runs, while Alex Fernandez has been the most productive in terms of RBIs, driving in 4 runs. Aaron Smigelski, Seth Cox, and Brennan Dubose each have contributed 3 RBIs to the team’s effort.

On the mound, David Warren and Caden Robinson have both struck out 5 batters, indicating their ability to challenge hitters and potentially lead the pitching staff if they can maintain consistency.

Looking Ahead

While it’s still the beginning of the season and the sample size is small, Memphis has shown both promise and areas that need attention. The team’s ability to draw walks and hit for power is a positive sign, but the strikeout numbers indicate a need for better contact hitting. Defensively, the team appears to be on the right track, though the pitching staff will need to reduce the number of walks and extra-base hits allowed to remain successful.  

This will be a journey we will keep you updated on as the season matures for the Tigers. Based on this opening series, there is light at the end of the tunnel and the future is bright! 

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