July 15, 2024

 Hookhausen Has Taken Over AEW


In the history of professional wrestling, we have seen many “oddball” tag teams come through the curtain. If we think back our minds will go to names such as “The Rock N Sock Connection [The Rock and Mick Foley], Owen Hart and Yokozuna, Booker T and Goldust, and currently RK-Bro [Randy Orton and Matt Riddle] but we haven’t seen anything like what AEW is currently giving its fans. Hook and Danhausen have taken the fanbase of All Elite Wrestling by storm in their own rights but now they have combined forces. We now have HookHausen!

Who or What is Danhausen?

Danhausen describes himself as “Very Nice Very Evil” if that makes any sense. He was trained by independent wrestlers, Jimmy Jacobs, and Truth Martini, and made his wrestling debut in 2013. It is here that he found his current gimmick and the character behind that gimmick.  Danhausen believes he has special powers and can shoot lightning from his fingertips. This coupled with the belief that he can cast spells on others makes for an interesting yet evil person. He has been known to do the “Pee-Wee Herman Dance” mid-match to the song “Tequila” which must be an intimidating factor for his opponents.  He has a way of saying things as you may come to noticehausen. He will talk in the third person and add “Hausen” to the end of words you would never expect it to be on. He doesn’t take foul language either as he will call you out for it.

Danhausen in AEW

AEW fans were at a fever pitch when they saw Danhausen appear on January 26, 2022, episode of Dynamite during a match between Orange Cassidy and Adam Cole. During the match, Cole would pull a chair from under the ring and Danhausen was attached. The crowd would erupt when he would proceed to put a spell on Cole or attempt to. At the time he had a leg injury and AEW did a great job of keeping him involved yet safe. He began placing curses on others during their matches and with great success.  He ran into one person that nothing seemed to work and that was Hook.

Who is Hook?

Most current wrestling fans know of the former wrestler, Tazz, from his commentary role on AEW. What these fans may not know is he had quite a successful singles career in the ring. Under Paul Heyman in Extreme Championship Wrestling Tazz was an absolute legend having incredible matches with names such as Sabu, The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and more. Prior to Danhausen making his debut we would see the debut of Hook. We would come to learn that Hook was the son of Tazz. Hook debuted in December of 2020 and would align with his father’s faction. He would make his in-ring debut on Rampage roughly a year after debuting and has run through his competition.

How did we get to Hookhausen?

As I mentioned above Danhausen had been successful on all but one and that was the one and only “Handsome Devil” Hook.  Danhausen decided that it was his mission to cure him about a month ago on television and other social media content. Hook would have no part of it by shrugging and laughing off Danhausen and his antics. The normally cool and collected Danhausen had enough and challenged Hook to a match. Hook would deny his request. Other members would begin harassing the evil one and he would need help. The crowd began to chant one thing! “SEND HOOK!” Hook would come to the ring and help Danhausen on a few occasions to which the fans would erupt in cheer with both men left in the ring leading to an idea. The fans would make it easy by chanting “Hookhausen” during shows. Once Mark Sterling and Tony Neese would attack this interesting duo it was set!

Why is Hookhausen Great For AEW?

Wrestling fans have established the fact that Hook is a generational talent. He has only been wrestling for a short time and honestly needs more match experience before being the face of the company.  You take a young and talented worker and pair him with possibly the most popular wrestler in the company and you have a gold mine! This pairing gives Danhausen time to heal from his injuries and gives hook more time to grow in the business.  This tag team is barely official, and they are already selling seats and merchandise at a very high rate!

When you look back at the greats over the years these two may not make the list as the best but they will be one of the more interesting pairings. Fans will get to see them grow as individuals and tag team members.

  Hookhausen will take on Mark Sterling and Tony Neese on the ‘Buy In’ portion of the ‘Double or Nothing’ Pay Per View next Sunday.

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