July 18, 2024

EA Sports Throws Memphis Love

Photo Credits - Madison Penke - Madison Penke Photography
– Photo Credits – Madison Penke / Madison Penke Photography

EA Sports Throws Memphis Love

We assume you are aware of the return of EA Sports College Football. Right? If not, then we will give you a fast answer of it is returning as ‘College Football 25” and will hit stores on gaming consoles on July 19th. With this, the creators have made their own top rated lists. One of which was the ‘Top Offenses’ in the game. Memphis fans will be pleased as the Tigers rank #19 and are the only ‘G5’ program on the list. 

The list has the Tigers ranked at an ‘85’ ranking which compared to the last game, in 2014, where Memphis was a ‘70’ overall with a ‘72’ for offense is quite the improvement. Based on what we saw last year from one of the most explosive offense in the country we see why the boost. 

– Photo Credits – Madison Penke / Madison Penke Photography

In 2023, Memphis would finish the season with incredible numbers offensively. Passing would have 3,984 yards with 33 touchdowns, a 66.7% completion rate, and only 10 interceptions. With this, Memphis would run 910 plays with an average of 6.7 yards per play, a 154.8% efficiency rate, and average 495.8 yards per game. Many fans would say these are ‘video game numbers’ and they are. 

With the creators including the Tigers with the top offenses it again solidifies that the continued success of the program is being noticed. In what is a massive season for Memphis we could see many fans cheering in the stands and on the video game for a potent and very explosive offense for their Tigers. 

Photo Credits – Madison Penke – Madison Penke Photography

EA Sports would explain in a release that its development team “meticulously examined hundreds of thousands of data points” to help determine the offensive ratings. They would alos receive assistance from Pro Football Focus to examine “all 134 rosters, thousands of players, years worth of game film and mountains of stats” before finalizing the ratings.

Here’s a full list of the top 25 rated offenses in “College Football 25” and their ratings.

1. Georgia – 94 overall
2. Oregon – 94 overall
3. Alabama – 91 overall
4. Texas – 91 overall
5. Ohio State – 89 overall
6. LSU – 89 overall
7. Miami – 89 overall
8. Colorado – 89 overall
9. Missouri – 89 overall
10. Clemson – 87 overall
11. Utah – 87 overall
12. Penn State – 87 overall
13. Ole Miss – 87 overall
14. Kansas – 87 overall
15. Arizona – 87 overall
16. NC State – 87 overall
17. Notre Dame – 85 overall
18. Texas A&M – 85 overall
19. Memphis – 85 overall
20. SMU – 85 overall
21. UCF – 85 overall
22. Florida State – 83 overall
23. Oklahoma – 83 overall
24. Virginia Tech – 83 overall
25. USC – 83 overall

Photo Credits – Madison Penke – Madison Penke Photography

Memphis football is 66 days away as they will host North Alabama on August 31, 2024 from Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium. When the Tigers take the field we will see just how potent this offense will be to start what could be a special season. 

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