April 16, 2024

Cole Kelley: Steering the Memphis Showboats Towards Victory in the UFL

Cole Kelley: Steering the Memphis Showboats Towards Victory in the UFL

The Memphis Showboats are setting sail into the 2024 UFL season with Cole Kelley at the helm, and fans are gearing up for what promises to be an exhilarating ride. In an exclusive interview with 4 Star Sports Media, Kelley shared insights on the league’s merger and what it signifies for the team and its supporters.

Last year’s experience in the USFL laid a solid foundation,” Kelley began. “But with the merger, we’re looking at a heightened level of competition. It’s like the best of both worlds colliding, and that’s going to make every game a showcase of top-tier talent.

The transition to the unified USFL has seen improvements across the board. Kelley pointed out better gear, branding, and facilities as indicators of the league’s growth. He’s enthusiastic about the changes and believes they’re a sign of the USFL’s commitment to continual enhancement.

Training in Texas has been an adjustment for Kelley and the Showboats. While the travel dynamics have shifted, Kelley remains unfazed, focusing on the positives of his temporary Texas residence.

Turning to Memphis, Kelley’s admiration for Head Coach John DeFilippo, affectionately known as Coach Flip, is evident. Kelley values the equitable treatment of players and the coach’s offensive prowess, which he feels will translate into a powerful offense on the field. The quarterback also expressed excitement about returning to the Liberty Bowl Stadium, anticipating a surge in fan attendance fueled by the team’s growing popularity post-merger.

When asked about the connection with Memphis sports fans, Kelley highlighted their passion across all sports genres. He believes the intensified competition and influx of talent within the USFL will resonate with the city’s love for winning teams.

As for personal and team goals in 2024, Kelley made it clear: the Showboats are eyeing the championship. For him, success at his position and leadership on the team are pivotal to realizing that vision.

Reflecting on his journey through football, from his beginnings in Fayetteville, Arkansas, to his current role in the Showboats, Kelley sees every step as integral to his development as a professional athlete. He’s candid about the challenges he’s faced, attributing his resurgence in football to a renewed commitment to his faith and love for the game.

Kelley’s advice to players experiencing adversity is profound and personal. “Never quit,” he urged. “Those who aren’t successful are the ones who give up. Find your passion, hold onto it, and push through the setbacks.

With a baby on the way and a fresh season ahead, Kelley’s ‘why’ is multifaceted. His love for football and his growing family fuels his daily drive. When considering a motto for 2024, Kelley settles on one that may sound cliché but resonates deeply with him: win. He clarifies, though, that winning isn’t just about the scoreboard; it’s about learning from every experience and transforming challenges into opportunities.

As we wrapped up our interview, Cole Kelley’s focus and determination were palpable. The Showboats, under his guidance, are set to make waves in the UFL. As spring football approaches, fans can look forward to a season where every game is a battle and every player is at their best, all thanks to the unification of talent in the new league for fans to watch.

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