June 18, 2024

Arkansas Hockey’s Kyle Crews Shares His Motivation and ‘WHY’ in Life

Arkansas Hockey’s Kyle Crews Shares His Motivation and ‘WHY’ in Life

In an insightful episode of the ‘Ice Hawgs Podcast’, we had the pleasure of hosting Kyle Crews, a prominent member of the Arkansas Hockey Club, known for his skills on the ice and his vibrant presence off it. Crews opened up about a range of topics during the interview, but one of the most compelling moments came when he shared his ‘WHY’ in life.

Taking off his helmet and stepping out of the rink, Kyle Crews revealed a side of him that goes beyond his hockey persona. When asked about his driving force, Crews responded with heartfelt honesty, reflecting a maturity and depth that defines him as much as his athletic prowess.

My why,” Crews began, pausing thoughtfully, “I really, I love to make my family proud.” His dedication to his family is unwavering, acknowledging the significant role they’ve played in shaping the man he has become. With gratitude, he spoke of his parents, “They’ve been so good to me and set me up so well in life.” Crews doesn’t view his efforts to make them proud as an obligation, but rather as a heartfelt aspiration.

Crews’ family is at the core of his motivations, serving as a testament to his upbringing. He expressed a desire to be a living example of his parents’ love and dedication, stating, “I would love to be an example of what they are as parents.” Their impact on his life is undeniable, and his praise for them is unreserved. “They’ve been phenomenal,” he affirmed with genuine appreciation.

But Kyle Crews’ ‘why’ extends beyond his familial ties. As he put it, “I’m a very big people person.” It’s this love for people that fuels his interactions and his desire to make a positive impact on those around him. Whether it’s through making someone laugh, lending an ear, or simply enjoying a shared moment, Crews finds joy and purpose.

His sociable nature is a cornerstone of his character, as he elaborated, “I love making people happy, making people laugh, being there for people in general.” It’s evident that Crews thrives on connection, whether it’s in the form of conversation, shared humor, or the simple act of enjoying a drink together.

Kyle Crews’ ‘why’ is deeply rooted in his love for his family and his passion for people. It’s this combination of familial pride and a genuine affection for others that drives him, both on the ice and in everyday life. His story is a reminder that behind every athlete, there is a person with unique motivations and a desire to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Listeners of the ‘Ice Hawgs Podcast’ were treated to a glimpse of the man behind the hockey jersey—a man motivated by love, connection, and the joy of bringing happiness to those around him. Kyle Crews, with his infectious personality and admirable values, is certainly more than jus

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